10 Strategies for Getting More Customers in Your Café

10 Strategies for Getting More Customers in Your Café

10 Strategies for Getting More Customers in Your Café

If you’re struggling to keep up with business, it’s time to take some new approaches.

Make your café a center of attraction for people from all walks of life. Nobody will frequent a coffee shop if it’s always filled with the same type of clientele.

In order to get more customers in your café, you have to make sure that you’re building community by attracting a wide range of people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Focus on diversity in the workforce and amongst the customer pool. By doing this, there will be a stronger sense of community which increases word-of-mouth marketing – everyone loves telling their friends about that fantastic new café they discovered!

Here are the ten strategies for getting more customers in your café:  

1) Experiment with social media platforms – there are tons of different options out there that can be tailored specifically to your business. Share pictures of food on Instagram, post daily deals on Facebook, or tweet at specific demographics. 

2) Market during off-hours – closing down one day a week for self-care is good for employees’ physical and mental health so they can show up refreshed and happy at work the next day. This will also give you time to advertise the closure and promote some new dishes or drinks.

3) Network – have a meeting with your local café or restaurants and find out what they can do to help you promote each other’s businesses. If they’re looking for a place to hold an event, consider hosting it at your cafe!

4) Use social media coupons – ask customers who follow you on Facebook or Twitter to take a picture of themselves in the café and post it along with a hashtag that says something about your business (ex: #myfavoritecafe). When your campaign is completed, offer 20% off their next purchase if they share the photo. Or create weekly contests like “share the best photo of our banana bread this week” and give away one free loaf to the winner!

5) Sports – Consider adding a high-quality ping pong table in your café to attract customers. People love socializing over games, and it’s a fun way to make friends. If ping pong isn’t your café’s type of game, try hosting poker nights or chess tournaments instead!

6) Hang a projector in your café – have a movie night or show old black and white films on Wednesdays, the traditional day of the week for going out to see a movie. Advertise free popcorn too!

7) Host live music events at your café – like open mic nights or karaoke sessions. People love amateur entertainment, and it brings in people who don’t typically come to your cafe. You can even hire an up-and-coming band to play for tips!

8) Focus on what you do best rather than trying to be everything to everyone – If you’re not serving icy blended coffee drinks and gigantic baking slices of cheesecake, stop trying to compete with that coffee shop around the corner. Focus on the quality of your food and service instead!

9) Get better signage – It’s hard to find an old-style sign these days, but it will increase foot traffic if you can install one near the entrance of your store. You can also try putting up vinyl lettering or decals with your restaurant name on them around town.

10) Keep prices low – People are always looking to save money, so give them an incentive by keeping drink prices under $3. The more affordable you are, the more customers you’ll be able to attract!

Think about what you want out of your business, and then go after it with full force! These strategies for getting more customers in your cafe are guaranteed to work if you do them consistently.