Hunting Event for Hunters at Hi Life Cafe

Hello hunters! Are you looking for a place to
hunt? Well, your search is over. Hi-Life Cafe has opened up an event just for
you. We have all types of animals that are ready to be hunted down and caught.
It’s time to go on the hunt with friends or family members so come join us at
Hi-Life Cafe!

What is a hunting event for hunters at Hi-Life Café?

It is an opportunity for hunters to get together and share their knowledge, experience, stories about hunting. Hunting events are usually full of interesting conversations with people who understand each other very well because they have the same interests in common – hunting! The event will take place in November at Hi-Life Café.

There will be a lot of booths that sell various hunting equipment, clothing, and weapons. There will be a special area where hunters can test their skills in shooting guns at targets. It’s fun for people who like to shoot! Don’t forget to bring your own weapon if you have one; otherwise, there are plenty of places that offer the opportunity to try out different types of guns before buying them. There will also be different hunting gear like a tree stand to offer a good hunting view. Simply ensure you buy a portable stand that you can easily mount and use.

Hunting events and the benefits of them

Hunting events will always be present as long as there are hunters. In the past, hunters would get together and socialize with one another or they would go out hunting in groups for a shared kill. Today’s events are no different other than the fact that we don’t always hunt together anymore. We can still find ways to save money at hunting events, but we can also have a great time with people from all around the city. One way to do this is by going to Hi Life Cafe, which hosts their own hunting event on Saturdays and Sundays where hunters get together for some good food and drinks.

The benefits are that hunters can spend time together. The event is at Hi Life Cafe, which provides food and drinks for everyone to enjoy.

We hope that you take the time out of your busy schedule to come down here on one of these Saturdays or Sundays so we can meet each other in person! We would love to see you there!


The special menu for hunters and how to get the ticket

We created a special menu for the event. The menu is composed of two parts, for an appetizer and main course. All of the food ingredients are fresh from local farmers in our area. The ticket price is $25 per attendee, which includes a drink (coffee or tea), one dish from each section of the menu, tax, and tip included! There will be foods that come from the hunt like, elk, deer, and wild boar.


Why you should attend this event if you are a hunter or know someone who hunts?

Hunting Event for Hunters at Hi Life Cafe, Why you should attend this event if you are a hunter or know someone who hunts? Hunting beavers, wolves, and big game such as moose is the main activity of these people. Most Canadian provinces allow trapping coyotes but it varies from province to province. Hunting is a very important part of conservation efforts to protect species and ecosystems that are at risk, as it helps maintain the natural balance in nature.


How to participate in this event?

In order to participate and enter the event, you will need to have a registration form filled and submitted at the front desk of Hi Life Cafe.

There is a participation fee that must be paid to register for this event by cash, credit card, or debit card only. The price per person is $25.00 for current members and non-members can pay an increased rate of $30.00 per person. Have an early reservation for tickets to save yourself some money!

The event will begin at Hi Life Cafe on September 28th, 2017 from 12:00 PM to 11:55 PM. There is a maximum capacity of 30 hunters allowed per night and who can attend the event as well so be sure to sign up for this early reservation before they run out of spots available.



Join us for Hi Life Cafe’s first-ever hunting event! Come celebrate all things rural and outdoorsy. Enjoy live music, food truck fare from local vendors, drinks specials in honor of this great land that we call home – America!


Hi-Life Cafe is located in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon. We are known for our extensive menu that features everything from slow-roasted prime rib to savory salmon and much more! Hi-Life Cafe offers an unforgettable experience, featuring live music every night of the week with no cover charge! There will be an opportunity to go outback and bag some game while also having the chance of meeting up with other like-minded folks who want to show their support!